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Sign Up for the Optional Health Fee

To use Student Health Service during the summer, sign up for Optional Health Fee (OHF).

Eligibility: Students not enrolled in summer classes but were enrolled in the previous spring semester can sign up. Call (309) 438-7559 to check your eligibility.

Cost: $90 to enroll.  Usual and customary Student Health fees will then apply for each appointment.

Step 1: Login

Login to the secure Patient Health Portal. You will need your Univeristy Identification Number (UID). This is the nine digit number (8xxxxxxxx) located on your Redbird card.

Step 2: Messages

In the Patient Health Portal, choose the Messages link to open the Secure Messages Inbox. If the link is not available to you, contact the Student Health Services Medical Records Department at (309) 438-7559.

Screenshot of the Patient Health Portal with the Messages link highlighted.

Step 3: New Message

From the Secure Messages Inbox, choose the New Messages button.

Screenshot of Secure Messages Inbox with New Message Button highlighted.

Step 4: Health Information Management/Medical Records

Select the option for Health Information Management/Medical Records then choose the Continue button

Screenshot of options screen with "I want to communicate with Health Information Management / Medical Records about immunizations or release of information.

Step 5: Optional Healthcare Fee

On the next screen, select the Optional Health Fee option then choose the Continue button.

Screeshot of Options screen with Optional Health Fee selected.

Step 6: Acknowledgement

Select the I acknowledge that I have read the above option then choose the Continue button

Screenshot of acknowledgement page with the text "Students who have taken at least one credit hour of the most recent term are eligible for the Optional Health Fee (PHF)" located above the acknowledgement option.