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Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use the ISU Pharmacy?

All ISU students, spouses, domestic partners who have paid the ISU Student Health Service fee are eligible. Students do not have to purchase the Student Health Insurance in order to use the pharmacy

  • Will the ISU Student Health Insurance cover the cost of my prescription?

Yes. For covered conditions (please see the Student Health Insurance brochure), ISU Student Health Insurance does help pay for prescriptions.

  • Illinois State University's Student Health Insurance plan is secondary to other coverage. If a student has other coverage, the prescription will be billed to the other insurance.
  • If other insurance does not cover the prescription, or the student does not have other insurance, the student can file a claim with the Student Health Insurance plan.
  • Does the Pharmacy accept prescription insurance plan cards?

Yes, the Pharmacy accepts most major prescription insurance plan cards. To find out if we accept your prescription card, call the member service phone number on the front or back of your prescription card and ask them if the ISU Pharmacy with an NABP # (National Association of Boards Pharmacy) of 1461033 can submit claims.

If you do not have your prescription insurance card, you can ask the cardholder to fax a copy of the front and back of the card to the Pharmacy.

You may also upload a copy of your prescription insurance to the records submission page.

  • How can I pay for my prescription or over-the-counter item?

The ISU Pharmacy accepts payment by cash, Redbird Card, personal check, major credit card, or by charging to your student account.

  • Will the ISU Pharmacy fill a prescription from my home town doctor?

Yes, if the medication is on the ISU drug formulary. Please contact the Pharmacy to see if your medication is supplied or if it can be ordered. You can bring a written prescription to the Pharmacy or ask your doctor to phone (309) 438-8713 or fax (309) 438-7569 your prescription to the Pharmacy. If prescription is sent electronically, please provide the doctor with this address: 201 N. University St. Normal, IL 61790-2540.

  • I have a prescription with refills at my home town pharmacy. Can I refill the prescription here?

Yes, in most cases. Call the ISU Pharmacy (309) 438-8713 with the name of the medication, along with the name and phone number of your home pharmacy, to have your prescription transferred.

  • Can I phone my prescription to the Pharmacy?

Yes, if the prescription is a refill. If you have a written prescription from your doctor, even if it is medication you have taken previously, you must present the written prescription to the Pharmacy before it can be filled.

  • Can I purchase over-the-counter drugs at the ISU Pharmacy?

Yes. The Pharmacy carries thermometers, Bandaids, cold medications, vaporizers and more. Click here to view a list of Over-The-Counter items.

  • I will be graduating from ISU soon. Can I still fill my prescription at the ISU Pharmacy?

Once you leave ISU, you can refill prescriptions already on file for up to 3 months. However, new prescriptions will not be accepted.

  • Can I transfer my prescription to another pharmacy?

Yes. Call the pharmacy where you would like the prescription filled and provide that pharmacy with the ISU Pharmacy phone number and your prescription number if available. Your pharmacy will phone the ISU Pharmacy to transfer the prescription or send us a secure message.

  • Where can I dispose of my old medication?

By entry door, there is a disposal box available to anyone desiring to discard unused or unwanted medications.

  • How can I use the Wellness Kiosk located in the Student Fitness Center?

What form of payment can be used?
Purchases can only be made from the Wellness Kiosk with a valid student Redbird ID that has Redbird Dollars. Please note that Flex Dollars will not work at the Wellness Kiosk. The Wellness Kiosk DOES NOT accept credit cards.

What if I don't have Redbird Dollars loaded on my ID?
Please visit  to add Redbird Dollars. It may take up to 20 minutes for funds to load onto the ID. 

Can I return an item?
No, once purchase is complete from the Wellness Kiosk, all sales are final.

What should I do if an item is out of stock?
If you don’t see what you need in the Wellness Kiosk, please visit the SHS Pharmacy on the second floor of the SSB Mon - Fri from 8am - 5pm for additional selection of items.

Why is no one answering the toll-free help number?
(877) 246-3423 is staffed by the ISU Student Health Service Pharmacy during business hours, Mon - Fri from 8am - 5pm. 

I paid for an item but did not recieve it.
If you paid for an item from the Wellness Kiosk, but did not recieve it please call the SHS Pharmacy during business hours to report the issue.