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Immunization Requirements


Immunization records must be turned in and all requirements met by the following deadlines (Petitions for Medical or Religious Exemption must also be submitted by the following deadlines):

  • Fall Semester: 10th day of class - Friday, August 30, 2024 (we strongly encourages students to submit immunization records by August 1)
  • Spring Semester: 10th day of class - Monday, January 27, 2025 (we strongly encourage students to submit immunization records by January 1)
  • Summer Semester: July 1

Failure to submit proof of meeting all immunization requirements or failure to petition for Medical or Religious exemption by the above deadlines will result in a course registration block and $75 non-compliance fine.


Proof of Immunity

Proof of immunity per new state law (effective August 5th, 2016):

  1. A combination of 3 shots for Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (DTP/Dtap/Td/ or Tdap). One of the three must be a Tdap. One of the three must be within the last ten years. There must be at least 1 month between the first and second TD/Tdap vaccination and at least 6 months between the second and third TD/Tdap vaccination. All individuals taking courses coded as "on-campus" are subject to this requirement, regardless of age.
  2. Two measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccines given after one year of age and after December 31, 1967. OR...if measles, mumps, or rubella vaccines were given separately: two measles immunizations given after one year of age and after December 31, 1967; two mumps immunizations after one year of age; two rubella immunizations after one year of age. Students are exempt from this requirement if born before 1957. Otherwise, all individuals taking courses coded as "on-campus" are subject to this requirement.
  3. One meningococcal conjugate vaccine for students age 21 or younger. A 2nd vaccine MUST be given if the 1st vaccine was given before age 16. PLEASE NOTE: Meningitis B does not meet this requirement.

Document Submission

Proof of immunity may be provided by:

  1. Providing a copy of your Illinois School Certificate of Child Health which documents compliance with the Illinois immunization law. This record is available from your high school. OR
  2. Providing a copy of your immunizations from your physician's office. 
    • Submit electronically via your Secure Health Portal, OR
    • Mail to Campus Box 2540, Normal, IL 61790-2540, OR
    • Fax to Student Health Services at (309) 438-5205, OR
    • Bring in person to the Student Services Building, Student Health Services reception desk when you are on campus next.
    • Students may scan immunizations directly into their secure health portal. After signing in, click "submit immunizations"

Please note that a physical examination is not required.

Immunizations are available at Student Health Services Preventive Medicine Clinic. Please call (309) 438-2778 for an appointment.

Blood Titers

If you have had vaccines and/or diseases in the past, we accept blood titers showing immunity. You may schedule an appointment with an SHS nurse to request a lab test for titers. The cost of the blood test(s) will be billed to your student account.

Please check with your primary insurance about vaccine coverage and possible reimbursement information before scheduling an appointment. Student Health Services does not bill to insurance agencies; however, you may pick up an invoice at the SHS Business Office which you may submit to insurance.

International Students

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening

International students are required by University regulations to have TB screening within ten days of their arrival on campus. Student Health Services Preventive Medicine appointments may be scheduled by calling (309) 438-2778.


Non-compliance (Registration Block and $75 Non-compliance Fee):

Students who miss their semester deadline immediately have a registration block placed on their account and are subject to a $75 non-compliance fee. Students who feel their failure to meet the deadline was due to unique individual circumstances that merit special consideration are welcome to fill out our Petition to waive the Immunization Non-compliance Fee. If over 18 years old, the student must submit this petition on their own behalf.