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Student Health Insurance FAQs

These FAQs are provided for your convenience and should be considered as guidance only. We are happy to help you in person or by phone to provide a comprehensive and individualized response to your questions.

Who is Covered?

How do I enroll for Student Health Insurance?

Student Health Insurance enrollment is automatic with registration of 9 or more credit hours (which assess general/mandatory fees) in the fall and spring, and with 6 or more pre-registered credit hours (which assess general/mandatory fees) in the summer. Students assessed only Outreach Fees are NOT assessed Student Health Insurance. For more details, see our Insurance Eligibility page.

Can I keep Student Health Insurance if I have less than 9 hours?

Students who withdraw or reduce hours below 9 are advised to speak with a student health insurance specialist in order to maximize their options. Insured graduates are eligible to purchase insurance at the group rate for one additional term.

Can I continue Student Health Insurance after graduation?

Yes, students who are insured with Student Health Insurance may continue coverage for one semester at the student rate. For more details see our insurance eligibility page.

I have to leave school. What are my insurance options?

Students whose withdrawal dates are after the 15th calendar day of the term (8th day for the summer session) will retain Student Health Insurance for the remainder of the term. Please contact Student Health Insurance at (309) 438-2515 for terms and conditions.

Can dependents be covered?

No dependent coverage is available. International students are referred to the Office for International Studies for material on policies which can be purchased for the coverage of dependents. U.S. students are referred to other agencies which offer dependent medical coverage plans.

Can I cancel Student Health Insurance?

You may be able to if you have other comparable health insurance. You would complete an online cancellation form and may be required to provide proof of other coverage (copy of insurance card) each semester prior to the 15th calendar day of the fall and spring semesters and the 8th calendar day of the summer semester. This online process can be done for up to one school year at a time. Please review the Keep or Cancel page before making this important decision, the online cancellation form is at the bottom of the Keep or Cancel page.

Cancellation Deadlines:

  • 2024 Fall Semester: 9/3/24
  • 2025 Spring Semester: 1/27/25
  • 2025 Summer Semester: 5/19/25

If I cancel Student Health Insurance, do I get a refund?

Approved cancellation requests result in the insurance fee being removed from your tuition/fee bill. If you have paid your bill in full (owe no money to ISU), including the Student Insurance fee, a refund will be issued by the Student Accounts Office.

Should I keep or cancel Student Health Insurance?

Student Health Insurance coordinates with your family coverage so that you would expect up to 100% compensation for medical expenses between the two plans. This Plan helps pick up your other plan's deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays, out of network charges, and amounts above usual and customary or otherwise unpaid by your other insurance.

If your other coverage is a managed care plan, you may have restrictions or diminished coverage for out-of-area non-emergencies. The addition of this Plan can close the gap and widen your access to care anywhere in the world without restrictions or pre-authorizations required.

Our students experiences with other health insurance is that they incur substantially more out of pocket with the family plan than they did when they were living at home or prior to school. Student Health Insurance can help pick up that out of pocket. For more details, see our page titled "Should I Keep or Cancel Student Health Insurance?"

If I cancel the Student Health Insurance, what do I do when I incur charges in the on-campus clinic?

When charges are incurred in the clinic, ask for an itemized bill suitable for insurance from the Student Health Services Business Office. You will need to submit that bill to any insurance you have. Meanwhile, the charges will be posted to your Student Account. For more information, see our Fees & Payment page.

What is Covered?

What does Student Health Insurance cover?

Most injuries and illnesses requiring hospitalization, emergency room, outpatient, lab, X-ray, office visits, ambulance, chiropractic, mental health, maternity, physical therapy, surgery, anesthesia, and more. Outpatient contraceptive drugs and preventive care, as mandated by the Affordable Care Act, are also covered by the plan. For a complete description of the policy, contact Student Health Insurance at (309) 438-2515. For more information on benefits, see our coverage benefits page.

Are prescriptions covered?

The Student Health Insurance plan covers outpatient contraceptives drugs as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Beginning fall semester 2014, prescriptions for covered medical conditions will be covered as well. More information on prescription coverage will be available soon. Prescriptions are available at a reduced cost at the on-campus Student Health Services Pharmacy.

Where do I submit claims?

The Student Health Insurance office on campus provides customer service and processing of claims. The address is Campus Box 2541, Normal Illinois 61790-2541. The phone number is (309) 438-2515. For instructions on filing a claim, see our file a claim page.

Is maternity covered?

Pregnancy is a covered condition. For benefits to be payable, you must be insured on all dates of service.

Benefit Summary:

  • $50 per year deductible
  • 80% of eligible expenses until $1,250 out of pocket maximum met
  • 100% of eligible expenses after out of pocket maximum met (no annual maximum beginning fall semester 2014)

Your out-of-pocket expenses are limited to no more than $1,250 for covered charges, per policy year. Dependents are not covered. Please see the Student Health Insurance brochure for hospital nursery coverage.

Contact Student Health Insurance at (309) 438-2515 and an insurance specialist will be happy to help you.

Are there any vision benefits?

Illnesses and injuries of the eye are covered. Also, certain providers offer insured students discounts off of vision exam, contacts, and glasses. A few of those providers near ISU are Sears Optical, Bard Optical, Lenscrafters, and All About Eyes. Providers are also available in other areas. See Aetna's Vision Insurance page for more information.

Are physicals required, and are they covered?

A physical is not required by Student Health Insurance. However preventive care mandated by the Affordable Care Act is covered by Student Health Insurance.

Are Pre-existing conditions covered?

Yes, pre-existing conditions are covered.

Is Student Health Insurance good outside of the United States?

Yes, Student Health Insurance provides world-wide coverage.