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Fees & Payment FAQ

Who is eligible to use Student Health Services on campus?

Students registered for at least one credit hour have been assessed a Health Service fee with tuition and are eligible for medical services.

Enrolled students may purchase access for a spouse or domestic partner by paying an optional fee. Spring semester students who do not plan to attend summer session classes may obtain services by enrolling in an optional health fee. Please call Patient Support Services (309) 438-7559.

Faculty/Staff are not eligible unless they are taking more than 8 hours of class. Faculty/Staff are eligible to receive flu shots - The shot is free for State of Illinois employees who are covered by any State of Illinois employee group insurance plan as the primary insured. There is a fee for State of Illinois employees who are not listed as the primary insured on a State of Illinois health insurance plan.

Will my entire visit be covered by the health fee that’s included with my tuition?

Most medical services are covered by a Front Door Fee. Some exceptions are visits to the psychiatrist, prescriptions, immunizations, tests sent to a reference lab, and medical supplies such as crutches.

I have a bill from Student Accounts for Health Service charges. I thought this would be turned over to my insurance.

Student Health Services does not bill insurance or Medicaid. Students are responsible for submitting their own claims to insurance for possible reimbursement. Statements suitable for insurance billing are available 24/7 on your secure health service portal at You may also call or stop by Patient Support Services for an itemized bill or Health Insurance Claim Form (HCFA).

What if I don’t have any cash today?

Your student account can be billed for your convenience or you may pay by major credit card. If you have a flexible spending account please make sure the patient’s name is on the flexible spending account card.

I’m taking an internet or extension class. Can I use Student Health Services?

Yes, however these courses do not always assess a health fee. If you have an Internet Only class schedule, call Patient Support Services and we’ll check your eligibility status. If you are taking classes that do not bill a health fee, you can elect to pay an optional health fee. For more information, please contact Patient Support Services at (309) 438-7559.

My registration is blocked by Student Health Services, what do I do?

This is probably due to incomplete immunization records or requirements. Call Patient Support Services at (309) 438-7559 and they will tell you what is needed in order to remove the registration block.

If I'm not enrolled in summer classes, can I still use Student Health Services?

Yes. You may use Student Health Services through our summer optional health fee. Please call Patient Support Services at (309) 438-7559 if you have questions regarding this service or to enroll.