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Did you receive my immunization records and are they complete?

Log into your health service account here to check your status, or call Health Information Management at (309) 438-7559.

You require a copy of my immunization record. Where do I get it?

Contact your doctor, the County Health Department, or obtain a copy of the 9th grade physical from your high school.

I'm "old." Am I still required to turn in my immunization records?

Call Health Information Management at (309) 438-7559 for questions about which immunizations requirements apply.

If I am unable to get my immunization record, will it harm me to have the immunization(s) repeated?


I've had all the shots in the military. Do I still need to send in my records?


Will my military records fulfill the immunization requirements?

Probably not. You will also need proof of your first MMR which is usually given at about 15 months of age.

Do I need to have a physical?

No. (Athletes may have special requirements. Check with a coach or trainer.)

Do I need to have a TB test?

TB tests are only required for international students and must be done at ISU once classes start.

My doctor does not have the meningitis immunization. Can I get it at ISU?

Yes. Call for an appointment at (309) 438-APPT.

Are the meningitis and Hepatitis B vaccines required by ISU?

The Hepatitis vaccine is recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), but not required. The meningococcal vaccine is required by state law.

What is the cost of an immunization?

Please call the Patient Support office at (309) 438-8793 for the most up-to-date prices. Please note, Student Health Services does not bill insurance, but we can provide you a statement suitable for insurance billing if you choose to receive your immunizations at our clinic.

I started the Hepatitis B series, but did not finish it. Do I need to start over?

No. You can call for an appointment at (309) 438-APPT and continue the series.

I am traveling out of the country. Do I need any shots?

Possibly, depending on your destination and length of stay. Call Appointments (309) 438-APPT for an international travel consult. When possible, schedule your appointment at least 2-6 months prior to departure.

Can I get a copy of my immunization record from ISU?

Yes, if it is on file. Call our Health Information Management Department at (309) 438-7559.

Can I get my allergy shots at ISU?

Yes. If you are currently receiving allergy injections and wish to continue them at ISU, call Nurse Consult at (309) 438-7676 with questions or call (309) 438-APPT to schedule an appointment.

Does ISU offer allergy testing?

No. You can make an appointment (309) 438-APPT with a physician to discuss allergy concerns.