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How Pharmacy works with Student Insurance

All students may use the Student Health Services pharmacy. The Student Insurance plan does not cover prescriptions and is not needed to use the pharmacy with the exception of contraceptives.

  • The Student Insurance plan will cover contraceptives beginning the 2012/2013 policy year.  Illinois State University's Student Insurance plan is secondary to other coverage.  If a student has other coverage, the contraceptives will be billed to the other insurance.
  • If other insurance does not cover the contraceptives, or the student does not have other insurance, the student can file a claim with the Student Insurance plan which will pay with no cost sharing per the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Pharmaceutical care is provided by registered pharmacists and technicians. The pharmacy will fill prescriptions from any licensed practitioner authorized to prescribe medication in the State of Illinois if the medication is on our drug formulary. The pharmacy carries those medications most frequently required by the student population.

Refills and Transfers

If the original prescription was filled by our pharmacy it may be refilled using the Refills Web form or by calling (309) 438-8713.

If the original prescription was filled by another pharmacy, it may be transferred to us. Call during regular business hours to transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies. Please allow 2 business days to transfer a prescription.


Prescriptions and over-the-counter items are sold at reduced cost to students.

Our pharmacy accepts most prescription insurance cards.You can also download a copy of the prescription drug insurance card form. Payment options include cash, personal checks, credit card, or by charging your student account.

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