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COVID-19 Self-Testing and Result Upload Guidance

How to obtain a COVID-19 At-Home Test

  • COVID at home test can be purchased at the ISU Student Health Services Pharmacy or at any local pharmacy.

What Should I do with my test results?

  • SHS will not issue isolation letters based on at home COVID test results. If you tested positive with an at home COVID test, please follow the CDC isolation guidance.
  • Isolation letters will be issued for the following test results:
    • Positive results from a licensed lab (ie. Hospital, urgent care, pharmacy, COVID-19 testing center) must be uploaded to the patient health portal and must contain the students name, date of birth, date of test, and test result.
    • Positive test results obtained at Student Health Services will automatically be issued an isolation letter.
    • You can make an appointment for COVID-19 testing with a nurse at SHS by calling (309) 438-2778 or on-line by going to the patient health portal.